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MARY: My rivers are flowing, into hearts that have always sought me, into hearts that once knew me and into hearts that have never experienced my motherly love. The rivers are flowing. No one can stop these rivers because they begin within your heart.

6. A Nuclear Iran

I offer all these words and blessings because I see what lies ahead. As I place before the world what will take place, all take heart that heaven has not abandoned earth and has planned for these dark moments.
As the West faces even more serious problems, disputes break out among its leaders, divisions occur, and what needs to be united is broken. This, too, is part of Satan’s plan. One saying “Go this way” and another shouting, “That is the wrong road to peace”.
At first, these divisions will seem to be the ordinary process of discussion and resolution. However, this will not be the case. Beneath the surface discussions, the hearts of the leaders will be vehemently closed to the plans of the other. There will be a total clash of cultures, a hardening of positions.
These leaders each have enormous resources. Instead of coming together for clear and coherent strategies, they will split, not on the surface but in truth. I am speaking now of a nuclear Iran. Decisions that could have adequately addressed the problem will become a lost opportunity. This is very, very serious, although not seen as such at this moment. Only in looking back will the world see how the division was brought about by Satan to allow Iran to develop its nuclear weapons. A nuclear Iran will totally shift the balance of power in the whole world.
This should never have been allowed to take place. Delay, delay, delay. This has been the strategy. Put off. Put off. Never face the reality. Such is the atmosphere that Satan creates for his designs.
I see it. I will plan for it. I am already making my moves to bring the Church into greater and greater light, so that in the darkness ahead there will be at least one great voice of light.
Comment: As Our Lady speaks of these problems, we know that she has not abandoned us.

5. The Echo of Mary’s Own Words

As darkness covers human life and evil gains sway over the worldwide events, I will give new lights, never before seen, lights which Satan cannot destroy. This will be my light. I will raise up my priest son. I will also raise up thousands who will mirror his light, receiving it, multiplying it and passing it on. These will be children of the light. They will be in every country and in every land.
This light will burn brightly every day. Right now, this light is hidden, but soon I will place this light on the largest and greatest lampstand. The light will go forth, far greater than any television station. All the world will be invited to walk in this light.
The voice will be gentle, and threaten no one. The words will be my words, pouring forth for every need and every situation. These words will be multiplied. More important, they will be associated with a person whom all know and love.
I will stand with him and he with me. We will be as one heart and one voice. I will speak and he will echo. My words will be pure light, easy to understand and even easier to follow. If they are rejected, I will speak again. If they are accepted, then I will speak even louder and clearer.
I will not allow the world to be plunged into a darkness in which no saving light exists. I refuse to allow Satan to control the thoughts of the world. He cannot stop this light.
Now, you see what I will bring about, a Church that speaks my words. All the world will know that they are my words and do not belong to anyone else. Such will be the greatness of the light that will be needed in the darkness.
Comment: Our Lady’s promise is so clear. She will speak to us through her priest son.

4. Endless Waves of Blessings

My gifts will be like the waves of the oceans, always coming, one after another, never ceasing. When one wave comes, do people not look for another? So it must be. A new awareness, one gift awakening to the next, never ending until the moment of death.
Mankind cannot save itself. Extricating itself from one problem, it finds only more waiting to come. So, it will be with my blessings, one after another, always more powerful, deeper and longer lasting.
The waves of my power have already begun. I do not speak of tomorrow but of today, of now, of this moment, of this present situation. Can I be any clearer? O reader, my waves are already washing up upon your spirit! I am already working within you. Let your holy desires come forth. Let hope spring up within. Let light dawn upon you, a fresh inner light that can overcome any darkness.
I will lead you to new decisions, which will safeguard these inner blessings. How important these are. The old will be cast aside. You will change, all under the power of new hope. A new life, within and without.
Stand firm in these inner waves of blessings. Rejoice in them. They bring a life that you could never imagine before. There is more to come.
Comment: Our Lady uses so many images to try to describe what she is doing now within each heart.

3. The Great River Within

As the fires of hell come to the surface in destructive events, cannot the saving waters of heaven also come forth?  When and where will this happen?  Right now, within the heart of everyone who calls on me.
I cannot wait for political leaders.  I cannot even wait for the Church to act.  I must begin now to pour out the living waters of the Holy Spirit, who has been placed in the souls of all the baptized.
Satan cannot touch this impenetrable castle of the human spirit, made for God alone.  How he would like to invade there and cast his ultimate fire, removing man’s free will and absorbing the human spirit into his spirit.  This will never take place on earth.  Until man’s final moment, no matter what sins have occurred, no matter what decisions have been made or evil brought about, God will always be able, in surprising and astonishing ways, to suddenly flood the human spirit with the refreshing waters of conversion.
These fresh and new graces I pour out right now, o reader, into your heart.  This is where I begin.  In your heart.  In your spirit.  Within your consciousness, your feelings, your hopes, your desires.  A fresh river begins to flow, the river of life.
 Take it in.  Do not let it flow by.  The river is for you, no matter what has happened in your past life, no matter what your situation is right now.  In fact, I begin right there, exactly where you are.
My rivers are flowing, into hearts that have always sought me, into hearts that once knew me and into hearts that have never experienced my motherly love.  The rivers are flowing.  No one can stop these rivers because they begin within your heart.  Can you not hear them flow?  They are ready to take you in a totally new direction. They are my inner gift, my first answer to the new destructive fires causing these events.
Comments – What a great surprise!  O reader, in your heart right now is a new river of life.

2. Man’s Search For God

These times and circumstances call forth heaven’s new gifts, which have been reserved for these moments of human history.
God creates every human heart for Himself, placing in man’s spirit a stirring for unending happiness.  These inner desires bring about man’s ceaseless activity, from morning until night.  In every action, man is really seeking heaven.  Even in his sins, man seeks this eternal good.
When the human heart finds God, peace comes.  The person has a goal and has found the road of his divine call.  He is changed and remakes his world according to God’s plan.  Although heaven offers this gift to everyone, much depends upon whether the culture is immersed in this faith and constantly invites its citizens to find God.
Modern culture obscures heaven, substitutes earth and pretends that the human person will be satisfied with the toys of today.
As these destructive events begin, man sees even these earthly pleasures being taken away.  There must be two great responses to these destructive events.  Heaven will do its part, making available graces that have never been poured forth.  Man must do his part.  He must set aside all that fascinates him, all the glitter and the mirrors, all the dazzling lights and the instant gratifications.  He must resolve right now, “I will allow my heart to seek the living God”.  I will guide your search.
Comment:  As these destructive events remove mankind’s illusions, he will be more receptive to God’s inner stirrings.

1. Disillusioned With Man’s Road

Wave after wave. Fires, large and small, on all sides. Constant threats and warnings. The world is being introduced into a new existence that I have spoken about often. Resources are stretched thin. More money must be borrowed. Weapons are distributed which soon find their way into the wrong hands.
Constant conferences and strategies. The news media cannot even begin to describe all that is happening and the news itself becomes the battlefield used to recruit and to stir fresh debate.
The world has entered a new process that will control its destiny. The tables have been shifted. The initiatives lie now with others. “What will they do next?” The world has to wait for the answer.
Meanwhile, life goes on. So much time is spent on the inane. Constant entertainment, endless movies. Complete absorption in the present delight. A society devoid of the mystical, with no anchor in heavenly gifts.
The heavens are closed and God has not closed them. Mankind has made the decision. “Let us rip out our religious roots. Let us claim earth for ourselves. Let us still the voice of God and stamp out any belief that would limit what we want to do. After all, earth belongs to mankind”.
Having walked that road for so long, you have come to this moment. Is there not another road? Is heaven closed forever? The human person is still the same. No one can remove his heart, his soul, his spirit. All are made for God. That is what I will do now. I will awaken you. Now that you are disillusioned with the false promises, now that you see where this road has led, you are willing to listen to the voice of heaven, the words of your mother, teaching you a deeper road.
Comment: God made the human heart and, no matter what takes place, it can still respond to the spiritual and mystical.

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